DID numbers allow you to route incoming calls directly from your business phone to your landline or cell phone This is even possible if the caller is not within your local area code. DID numbers offer a greater advantage than local numbers in that they can be used globally and call forwarding costs are often less than international calling plans.

DIDs are beneficial for businesses and individuals who wish to be more in control of how their calls are routed. Here are some quick facts about DID Numbers, followed closely by detailed explanations.

What Are Direct Inward Dialling Numbers (DID Numbers)?

A number that is direct inward dialed (DID), is a phone number that rings in more than one place. Many businesses, large and small, use DID number numbers to reach multiple locations. They allow businesses the ability to use one local number to make calls that will be directed to different locations.

An example would be that an office supply store gives its customers in Florida an access number with an identifying area code and customers in New York a local accessibility number with an identifying area code. Customers could call directly from either store and not have to pay for long-distance calls across state lines.

What does the DID number do?

DID numbers work the same as traditional telephone numbers. DID numbers are forwarded by VoIP providers to your computer whenever you call them. You can call using your DID via a regular telephone or a VoIP application on any computer or tablet.

 VoIP and DID numbers can be a great option for your business. You can get as many calls as you need, at no additional cost.

DID Service Benefits


This allows customers to purchase DIDs globally and use them wherever they are needed. Additionally, not all calls can be made from a local number.

If they don’t have the right number on their phones, long-distance calling customers located in other areas or cities may not be able to place orders or make hotel reservations.


If you wish to keep your personal information confidential, you can choose to have a private DID number.

Avoid unwanted calls

It can help you avoid unwanted calls and telemarketers. An anonymous number can be used for your business name and/or company name instead of your real one.

Improve the User Experience

Last but not least, having a unique phone line with multiple features will improve customer experience and help attract more customers. They will know that their calls will be answered promptly without being on hold for too long.

Get A DID Num Service

There are many benefits to having your phone number dedicated, such as brand recognition and call tracking. But first, you need a DID.

It’s easy to get one. Knowlarity can provide you with a DID # for your company. Be aware that service providers may offer discounts and lower rates for large orders.

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The telephone system has many more parts than you might realize. There are many options for how numbers can be used. DID numbers serve as unique identifiers for a line and are integral to routing calls between countries or businesses within a country.

There may be times you don’t require one, but most customers do look for them in phone plans when dealing with hosting companies.

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